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MAGICSIM◆◆New Iphone v2.2.1 Unlock Sim◆◆ The Best Iphone v2.2.1 3G Unlock Sim globally.
100% test with IPhone 3G.Full 3G data support. Enjoy IPhone 3G with any network in any country freely.

The Only Reliable & safe unlock solution for the Latest iPhone V2.2 3G models.
The Only Easiest & best installation for unlocking iPhone V2.2.1 3G .
The Only Greatest & excellent unlock device for making iPhone V2.2.1 work freely under any Provider’s network & any Sim card.
New v2.2 iphone unlock
If you plugged in your iPhone today, you will notice that while buying a 3G Apple iPhone in most markets, you are automatically tied to a specific network such as AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK, and the new upgraded iPhone 3G cannot be unlocked via software. This means people now having trouble to use any other Providers’ Sim card in their choice.
DON''T WORRY! There! Our solution is the best——MAGICSIM 2009 Newest iPhone V2.2.1 Unlock Turbosim. Unlock your iPhone in minutes! Revolutionary do-it-yourself Plug & Play card for unlocking iPhone 3G without the risk of damaging the iPhone 3G or voiding its warranty. Insert this unlock SIM into the iPhone 3G together with your operator’s SIM card and enable you to use your locked phones under any sim network.
No software to load on, No messing breaking warranties , No need to provide any information to AT&T, No need to soldering/opening your iPhone. MAGICSIM unlock turbosim is just a device that make IPhone 3G work for any network, any carrier, any SIM card. When you travel abroad, there's no need to worry about expensive roaming fees any more as you can use a local SIM Card. Solution is 100% foolproof and it does not in anyway tamper with the phone software.
What’s more, you can restore your iPhone to original state, just remove the Unlock SIM, and your iPhone is back to factory settings.
Updated 2009 Newest iphone 3G Unlock Turbosim is the best, easiest to use, and the safest solution available on the Network Today. (Work for V2.2 of iPhone 3G and 16GB & 3G models!) 

iphone 2.2.1 2009/02/17 new

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