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Dial back service provider’s Saver 
     ( Mobile call back  dialing device )
Mobile call back dialing device

“Mobile call back  dialing device “is specially designed for the Call back card  service. To use this service customers have to dial numbers in sequence or dial a second time, making the operation complex, and this problem have made a lot of customer drop to accept this service.
And this mobile IP call back  dialing device, after simple installation and settings ,make it easy to the dial from phone book,  no need to change the user dialing habits . Customers can enjoy the IP service just like normal call. It can help you easily save a lot of money within a  year.

The priority of mobile call back dialing device
1.Call back 18TH - dial directly with  the device, no need to change the user habit.
2.Call back 18TH - Support dial from the phone book,no need to memorize or input the numbers.
3.Call back 18TH - Support dial directly  from mobile call record, saving a lot of money
4.Call back 18TH - Very easy to install the device.
5.Call back 18TH - Not changing any function of the mobile, no reflect to the normal use of the mobile.
6.Call back 18TH - High compatibility to Brand mobile
7.Call back 18TH - Just  add * after the number to exit dialing with the call back system.
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callback service ,callback,Mobile phone callback,ip call,international callback


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