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Iphone v2.2.1 unlock
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IPHONE 3G V2.2.1 and V2.2 UNLOCK NOW!

 Notice ! January/08/2009, MAGICSIM latest IPhone 3G non-cutting unlock sim
release to market !  Work for V2.2.1 and V2.2 firmware, with Stable signal and keep all IPhone 3G function in good performance !

The Latest IPhone 3G unlock sim for Firmware V2.2.1 and V2.2!
New Features
Fully unlock all firmwares and specially for firmware 2.2.1
now you can feel free to update firmware 2.2.1 for more
features and stay updated with Apple.
Very fast speed for searching signal (in 5 seconds)
As open IPhone 3G, you can find signal immediately !
Stable and Continuous signal. no signal lost.
Data 2G, Data 3G, Wi-Fi and SMS are fully functional.
Working normally with PIN code.
Convenient Phonebook inserting
Unique Slim chip design. No need to cut sim.  

IPHONE 3G card sticker adopts high speed transmission IC imported from America, which makes the signal steadier and searching signal much quicker and steadier. Many card stickers in the market adopt IC made in China. The transmission speed is low and the signal is easily interrupted and postponed.

2008 New iphone unlock introduction:
1. Turbosim with 3G Sim card support
2. Turbosim with STK function support
3. The version is developed by Taiwan Star Telecom , as the Magicsim latest generation  

iphone unlock v2.2 

iphone 2.2.1 2009/02/17 new

iphone v2.2

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Dual sim card for Star telecom

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